The benefits of Fleet training whether it be the risk assessment only or the various courses including the Kinetic drive can be measured in many ways.


Most companies find that the training pays for itself through direct cost savings and longer term efficiencies and at Zelta Fleet Training we are aware of the cost of taking people out of the workplace.


Therefore our courses are designed to take people out of their workplace for no more than 1 hour for risk assessment and to a max of 2 hours for individuals taking the full course.


Some of the benefits of undergoing training would include:-

  • Reduced fuel costs (10-15% after training)
  • Reduced insurance premiums and costs
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Less risk of Corporate Manslaughter legislation
  • Less risk of Road Traffic Accidents and associated costs
  • Less chance of stress related accidents when driving for work
  • Better customer relations through service and reliability
  • Better employer image
  • Better Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ensure legality through driving licence and eyesight check
  • Can pick up on employees problems through behavioural check
  • Increase employees sense of worth
  • Better wear and tear on vehicles
  • Better residual value of vehicles
  • Can help employees away from work environment
  • Can be used in the Employee induction/selection process

Obviously it is very difficult to get an accurate figure in terms of cost savings as every company is different but more companies are beginning to make savings by adopting this approach and over a 3 year period the savings could be up to £1000 per vehicle per annum.


The question that is probably asked most often is “can I afford this training?” and the answer is quite often “can I afford not to?”

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